Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5: It's Okay If You Are Tired and It Looks Like your House Imploded.

As I type this Little man is laying on my chest, on his tummy. Every once in awhile he acts as if he is going to kick something. His nuk landed on the floor next to the chair, thankfully it was in my reach. Yesterday I was hoping to get all of these home chores done, but it didn't happen. I was unmotivated and when Owen was   awake he was unhappy if he couldn't see me. So, between my lack of motivation and him we didn't get anything accomplished in terms of chores. We did however play, jump in the jumperoo, chill to baby music while playing with toys, work on a gift for friends, and eat, and rock-a-bye in his room. He took three hour long naps and while he was sleeping I worked on a friends baby book.

And you know what? Everything is all right, it was more important for us to just be together yesterday playing, learning and growing than it was for us to be working on our house.. The mess is still here, and the laundry is now sorted but still in the baskets, but my son will never be seven months and two days ever again! I know that there is some guilt felt by moms who are working, but it seems like the house is always a disaster... because honestly my house is that way too. But, our children are growing and learning and always changing it and I would rather spend time to my son opposed to having a perfectly clean and organized house.

Housework can always be done at another time, like nap time. If you are still in the stage of your child's life where you need to nap during nap time, don't feel guilty about it. This stage will pass quickly and you will get more sleep. So, I am going to wash, rinse, and dry some dishes while I listen to Little Man self soothe himself on his monitor. He is ready for a nap now, because our morning has already been filled with learning experiences.

It's okay mama, everything will get done eventually. Enjoy your little one, for soon they will be too big.


vera said...

Agree! That's how I get my housework done, is when my kids are napping or in the evening after they are in bed. :-)

Mrs. Bookworm said...

I am convinced that having more hours in the day would not make anything better!

Heather said...

I figure that I will have all the time in the world to clean after my kiddos are gone. I like to have a "well lived in" house :-) Honestly, I feel like every time I clean one room, the next one is a disaster, and if for some reason I am able to clean that second room next, the first comes back to bite me before I can get to the third! As long as we have clean dishes and clothes, and the toilet is clean, I am happy!

Mrs. Bookworm said...

It is true, Heather! I would much rather spend time with my kiddo rather than feeling like I am never finished. Though, there are times when Little Man needs to go see one of his grandma's so I can get something done.