Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 18: Life Lessons

As a parent I want what is best for Little Man, but with that comes a lot of doubt. I find myself to be second guessing a lot of what I do, when that has never been the case before. Parenting is hard and sometimes being a working mama makes that especially hard. This is because I want to make sure that the time we do have together is special. It doesn't always seem special but even when we are up in the middle of the night with him.  Somedays we accomplish many things like laundry and dishes and so much more and other days we accomplish snuggles and nobody needing extra clothes. Every moment we have together is special and we are learning, growing and exploring together.So, we will keep doing our thing because teaching him that life isn't always exciting and it is not the world's job to entertain us are also good lessons.

Here is a message from LIttle Man (he LOVES to "type": jjhgynxh crrr hooo bygerrc  dd yerxdhhhggggggggfv

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vera said...

I was having a conversation with my friend who has transitioned from being a working mom to a stay at home mom and there are good days and bad days for both. I think as long as you are doing the best you can, and you think about these things, then you are doing great. :-)