Friday, April 27, 2007

Thoughts on The Bus!!

There are defining moments in everyone’s life, and it’s in these moments that our life changes and it helps define who we are as an individual but also helps understand humanity better. These defining moments really can be anything such as thoughts/ realizations, conversations or events that occur in our life. What matters is the fact of how we use these defining moments is what is important. Some examples of life changing events can be either huge or they can seem insignificant. I guess a defining moment for me would be the first day of my freshmen year of high school. It was a horrible experience for me, but then again who really has had a positive high school experience? But the positive thing that came out of that entire dreadful experience is that I discovered what I really wanted to be when I grew up. Sometimes I wonder why I chose my current major, but I think everyone has moments like that. I guess these defining moments lead us onto the path that we are suppose to be on, and eventually we will end up at peace with our decisions and who we are. Though I am not sure how you are suppose to figure that out, but it probably part of the adventure.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Since My Last Post

Well, I did get all of my information for student teaching in on time! YIPPEE! And now that all of my registering issues are taken care of it is becoming more real to me that next fall is my last semester of classes and then I have student teaching, and the truly scary thing is.... I GRADUATE! So now its just projects galore that need to be finished and the lovely process of starting to study for finals.... my favorite thing to do. NOT!!! Umm... yeah. Todays agenda includes writing a critical review of a scholarly article, and researching the act of giving compliments. Those are the two major things at least.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chaotic Life

sorry, i havent had time or the energy to blog. Its just constant exhaustion as this semester will hopefully be wrapped up soon. There is a lot going on school wise and it kind of is exhausting. And there is the trip to South Carolina, and finals, and then a break, and the California trip, and then the twins game... and then summer classes start and i start the whole school thing again. It is going to be an extremely hectic summer I feel. Right now my biggest stressor is getting my application for student teaching accomplished. But its time for me to head over and start doing some homework and then a French film.

Monday, April 2, 2007

First Post of April

sorry to those of you who read for not posting in awhile! I keep thinking of things that I should post about and yet there are not enough hours in the day to post and get everything that I have to accomplished. I wish that it wasnt that difficult. My spring break was fabulous but trying to get back into the swing of things has been really difficult because I have had a severe case of senioritis kick in and its not good! We have about four weeks of school left and I have more work to finish than there are weeks left of school! One of these such projects being two research projects, a movie that I have to make with a group, my student teaching application which includes a resume and an autobiographical essay... and other little projects while trying to study ahead because the week before finals im going to my brothers graduation... hopefully that doesnt kick my butt! and then later that month im going to the west coast for a dear friends wedding. Meanwhile I have to try and keep my head above water. Which can be incredibly difficult because I dont really feel like doing anything. Though I might go to a baseball game this wednesday because we are getting a day off for some sort of faculty thing... which would be cool because i could get all of my homework done tuesday and wednesday during the day.. but if i dont get everything done I dont think i can make it to game. I really hate my classes right now. I really dont want to be in school right now!

Here is a list of places i would rather be:

the cabin
my parents house
Somewhere warm!!!!

Peace Out!!!