Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The First of October

The first of each month is a time of newness and excitement. There are many questions still unanswered, and one of those questions is "What will unfold this month?" Today is October 1st, and while the first official day of Autumn/ Fall is September 1st here in the midwest. The first of October is much more fall like. September has unpredictable weather here, certainly but it has more tinges of summer than October. Who knows what this month will bring, but for us it is a time of excitement. It is Owen's first fall. There will be leaves, tractor rides, and pumpkins for sure. Though, there will be other firsts as we work our way through the fruits and vegetables, Little Man will become more independent and more mobile.

So, while we wait for new experiences to come about tonight we are enjoying the familiar. Soup on a chilly day, playing with toys, LM's sweet potatoes, and of course snuggles. While new things are exciting these are the things that are a part of our journey. I hope you grab a warm drink and join me as I reflect, try new things and enjoy my son's first ever October!

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