Sunday, February 25, 2007

love for minnesota nice

So I'm thinking that we most definitely go the fourteen inches of snow that we were suppose today... In some spots as I was unearthing my car at 8:30 this morning so that I could go to work at 10:30 the snow was up to my knee... and as some people like to put it "i'm all leg".

But back to my story about Minnesota Nice. In my Esl & Culture class we have had a few discussions about whether or not Minnesota nice really exists or if it was a type of eliteness and condescension. But I would like to point out that there are still very nice people out there... I had gone outside this morning armed with a broom to try and get my car to a point were it can move... but i saw a man with a little kid out in his garage so i approached armed with my broom asking if i could borrow a shovel and he said yes. Then he asked me if I needed help... I gave kind of a non-committal grunt type of thing because he already was lending me a shovel but him and his kid followed me to my car that had its license plate visible so that i could at least identify my vehicle. The man continued to shovel while i swept off and deiced my car... The kid was impressed though when i threw the broom handle, that had become unscrewed, like a spear and it was sticking up in the snow...

I'm off to work today... have stuff I need to finish up there. But thank you too everyone out there who truly is Minnesota nice.


Today was my pre-departure orientation meeting... it made me going to France for a month even more real!!! I am super stoked right now! I have been reading up a little bit on French culture/customs I am really excited. Maybe I will move to France if I really like it there this summer. Who knows but the world is looking up and it looks to be full of possibilities... as long as i can get my car dug out of the parking lot tomorrow (this could be majorly interesting)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

macs, math, & rants

So this whole being positive thing is going much better, I have more energy (but that could be because i get 6-7 hours of sleep a night), I am not so crabby and everything seems to go much smoother. I was kind of bouncing down the halls of the pac (preforming arts center) when one of my friends was like I wish I had your energy... I responded with a I have been up since 7:30 and haven't had any caffeine yet. His response was shock and "you are my hero". It has been going pretty well. Math pretty much sucked... but I have a love of macs cause they understand where i am coming from.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I have been in a funk for awhile now, and I cant really figure out why. I have a few ideas but I am not entirely sure. Maybe my funk has come from my discontent at the University and in the town or maybe it has to do with this horrid case of senioritis that I have developed. You may laugh, but I am convinced that it does exist, and it seems to be hitting a lot of fourth year students especially those that are not graduating this spring. Or maybe its the fact that I don't know what direction my life is headed. I have friends who are getting married, having kids, looking for jobs and graduating. They seem to have a very definite plan whereas I am just kind of chilling out and waiting to see where my life goes. Maybe its the inability to plan that is making me absolutely crazy! Because I am kind of anal retentive that way. I already have a good portion of my spring break planned out. :-D

I was talking to my Mum the other day and she said that I need to be more decisive (but then again she usually says that...) but she also said that I need to be more positive. And so I have been starting a list of things that are positive in my life. And so far I have this list: I have been getting adequate amounts of sleep, I have an amazing roommate Beth, I have awesome friends, Im relatively healthy, my niece and nephew are absolutely adorable. I'm really excited to head to Iowa over Spring Break! I think I just need to get away for awhile and spend time with my friends that I havent seen in a very long time.

Spring Break is fabulous because I need a period of time where I dont have to worry about school or work and I can be carefree because my rent will already be paid and I wont have to worry about any of that.

But it is time for me to head out I have to run some errands and I have more studying left to do today. :-D

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So today (Tuesday wasn't really so bad... but Monday was aweful! Being Monday just kind of compounded everything!) It all started with me missing the bus, but thankfully my roommate Beth gave me a ride to school. Then at my first class of the day which is French we took a listening exam which i don't think i did very good on. Then I was called on to count from 21 to 30 in French which I can do but I got the deer in the headlights look and it was bad... the exam was today hopefully I did well on it. But i have this bad feeling about it. then i went to my next class which was ok... we watched a documentary. and then i was going home and i missed the bus so i walked to my friends house so that he could give e a ride home and i ended up being late to work. and my French teacher pretty much added another chapter to the exam. Or I was the ONLY one who did know about it. But I got home studied for French and then went to bed. Its been busy Im hoping to write a more substantial blog tomorrow.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Hello to all who read my blog! Sorry I havent been updating much lately. School has started to get crazy! There is a good and a bad part to that. It gives me something to do, but I dont really get much else done because school and work have been taking up a good portion of my life. Not much is new... but I will write a more substantial blog when i get back from class today... It is time for me to start getting ready to catch the bus... over all I love public transportation.