Thursday, August 9, 2012

Burnt Gravy

Yes, I decided to write about the time that I burned gravy while trying to make supper. There is the stereotype that the first year or marriage consists mainly of badly charred foods. I was convinced that wouldn't be me. I was going to try so incredibly hard to not burn anything the first year we were married... and here is the ironic thing about that... it happened very shortly after we hit the second month of marriage. Remember the Titans was on tv and I was trying to make it so that everything would be done at the same time and come out amazing... well what happened was i wasn't paying attention to the gravy and i scorched the bottom. At first I thought I could save it until there were dark brown chunks floating to the top, and then there seemed to be more and more chunks, and then we had a problem. I was annoyed with myself an I got a smidge careless and burnt my finger while I was trying to scape the charred chunks stuck to the bottom of the pan. After my pan was clean I was determined to make gravy again, that wouldn't be burned to go with my baked chicken and mashed potatoes. The second time around I was convinced that I wasn't going to let it burn. Before I started I refreshed myself on the directions, I gathered my ingredients, and then I started from step 1 all over again. When I started out with this new batch I was a little bit nervous, but as time passed I became a little bit more confident an relaxed a little more... though, i cannot say that I was completely relaxed because the horror of burned gravy was still fresh in my mind. Sometimes life is like burned gravy and we just need to scrape out the chunks and try it again.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I missed writing... getting my thoughts down on paper or on the computer screen helps me process and evaluate what is going on in my world. I tried to start a new blog because I felt like this one didn't really fit my lifestyle or where i was going anymore, but found that to be untrue. MissBookworm85 is where I have been collecting my thoughts for so long that it just seems right. Especially, as I am still navigating the post college/ teaching world and this new thing called marriage. I am going to try to blog more, but I am not making any promises because I feel like a failure when I don't do it right. Well, I will catch you later. I am going out with friends and my husband for pizza tonight.