Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 13: What's a Mama to Wear?

My clothes have to do triple duty. They have be to be tough enough to handle baby puke, boogers, smashed peas and crackers and everything else that goes along with a mama's day. Here is the deal though, my clothes need to be able to be worn to work, church, home and every where in between. I didn't rush out and buy tons of clothes right away because I didn't know what size I was going to be and I wasn't really sure what style I wanted to wear. I have waited seven and a half months (approximately) and I think I have it figured out as to what I am looking for:

I have spent a lot of time looking at blogs that talk about building a remixable wardrobe and the one thing that they all have in common is having a color palette in mind so that everything works together. My neutrals are black and camel (tan). I love the look of white, but I have a seven and a half month old. That would not stay white very long. The colors that I really and truly love are coral, fuchsia, cobalt, and emerald green. I love the jewel tones, because they always look so happy and full of color... also because they feel appropriate for a variety of settings. Weddings, work, church, grocery shopping (believe me, that place needs more happy!)

So through all of my very thorough research (i.e. reading blogs and looking at my Fashion Pinterest board) I noticed a trend, Jewel tones, leopard print and very preppy/ classic styles are what I am looking for and are what I should be translating into my wardrobe. Cardigans, stripes, polka dots, crew neck sweaters, button up blouses, graphic tees, pencil skirts, straight leg/ boyfriend jeans,  and blazers are what catch my eye. Sparkle also catches my eye, it can be really classy as long as it isn't like full on body glitter. A shimmery top or a shimmery skirts with basics oh so pretty!

Here is a great work look from 26 & Counting! It has a blazer, crew neck sweater, button up, and slim/ straight pants!

Here is a great weekend look/ casual Friday look from Refined Style.

This is also a great look from Polyvore

Here is Kate Hudson's adorable pencil skirt and graphic tee look. 

Blake Lively looks adorable in pretty much anything she chooses, but I am particularly liking the look of her comfy cardigan and slim pants. 

When I feel put together things tend to go so much better, than if I just put something on and head out the door. It helps to keep a positive attitude. I am going shopping with my mama and Little Man on Thursday, I am ready to rock this. Tomorrow night I will be putting the finishing touches on my list.

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vera said...

I've been thinking about this too! I'm waiting until I drop more baby weight so for now I am picking clothes that have more elastic in them!