Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3: Breaking up with my Closet

I have been cleaning out my closet, which really translates to a huge pile of clothes by my dresser in my room. The reason why I am getting rid of them? They either don't fit me or my post-baby lifestyle. Mostly they don't fit me...
If you are new hear I will give you a quick snapshot of who I am. I am a late twenty-something who lives in the midwest (winter will soon be upon us), wife, and  mama. My son is known as Little Man and he is seven months old. I am a teacher and Migrant Family Advocate. We also have an approximately three year old rescue, Annie, who seems to get a little more rambunctious everyday. I thought they were suppose to mellow as they got older. 

As you can tell from my little snapshot we are busy. We seem to always be on the move. When little man becomes more mobile I will be even more on the move.

I can't have super high maintenance clothing because realistically they just lay on the floor in my laundry room forever! I hate laundry! I don't want to spend all of my time doing laundry, especially since my time with my little family is restricted to evenings and weekends. My new clothes need to be machine washable and be able to be put in the dryer! I do hang dry my pants now, because I have shrunk some beyond what would be considered appropriate for anything. The other reason as to why it needs to be machine washable is the fact that Little Man is starting solid foods... and I have already  had green beans and sweet potatoes rubbed onto my clothes. I imagine the things that get wiped on my clothes will only continue to get worse. Right now I am trying to keep it a little bit more neutral and adding color through pieces that I already own and am able to keep wearing. Eventually color will be back in full force. My wardrobe is still in this awkward transition.

It is important to know what works for your body... I like long and lean jeans from GAP-- they are super comfy, long enough, and have a little bit of a  higher waist. I do like sleeveless items, because I tend to get warm, so I can layer appropriately and still look classy, I love the structure of blazers. The flowyness of tie blouses, and I don't like anything with a super close fit. This is an interesting development because 90% of my closet was fitted. After having my son, I am just not interested in that style anymore. It is an adjustment and I need to have things in my closet that work for being a mama and that work for my job.Our dress code is business casual.

I don't have all of the answers, but I do know that this mama needs to wear something! So, I am breaking up with my closet, which has been difficult, after many years of having pieces that I truly love and wore all the time.  REMIXABILITY is the name of my wardrobe game... because when everyone woke up late and I have to get myself and LM ready to head out the door in a total of under 15 minutes EVERYTHING has to MATCH! Sometimes LM doesn't match, but he is in daycare and the kiddos don't know their colors yet. Not that I am speaking from personal experience or anything.

One aspect of my real life is that I wear like the same 6 outfits on repeat, because sometimes the wardrobes are working against me. I don't always see things that I love, nor do I see things that will necessarily be easy to care for. Eventually I will love my closet once again, but until we get to the place I will just be patient. This time is a time of self discovery and growth. Even though I feel like "I have nothing to wear" right now, things will continue to get better!


vera said...

Yes! As a SAHM, my clothes stay pretty much the same each day, but I still need to do a serious overhaul.

Mrs. Bookworm said...

It is hard. I understand that I obviously need to wear clothes, but the fear of picking out the wrong item or it not working quite like it should is very overwhelming!