Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 12: Ode to the High Chair

Finally, we are feeling well in our house. Little Man is napping right  now, because he only napped 40 minutes at daycare today. I will probably regret letting him rest later, but I personally am a big believer in sleeping when your body is signaling for you to do so. He is still getting better.

We put together the high chair last night, and lets just say that I LOVE IT! He can be where all the action is (primarily in my kitchen) but easily be moved out of the way. I didn't really have a good place for him to sit before. He seems to like it. He currently has a toy while sitting in his chair to distract him from thinking it is time to eat. Last night I made potatoes and today I made an apple spice cake for a meeting that we will have in a little bit.

I can tell how awesome this is going to be. 

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