Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 8: My Take on a Wardrobe

There will be a lot of people talking about about capsule wardrobes-- there are a lot of different takes on in and it can be a little bit overwhelming. When I have done the different 7x7 challenges I have found it hard  because I don't want to feel limited in my choices.. Though, there is definitely such thing as too much choice when it comes to a wardrobe. I don't know about you, but I know for a fact that there have been times when I have thought that I would love something and wear it all the time only to find out that I don't wear it that often or even worse it is still hanging in the closet with it's tags still on.

I had a new postpartum body to dress and none of my clothes were fitting in the same way anymore. So, I did a huge closet purge-- it is continually a work in process because obviously I couldn't get rid of all of my clothes at one time. My focus became not necessarily on how many items or what types of items; but rather pieces that I love. These items need to be able to be remixable-- gone are the days of only wearing it in one perfect outfit, they need to fit my lifestyle. I have an almost two year old so these items need to be machine washable and very movable. I demand a lot out of my clothes because I also work outside of the home. I don't have time for high maintenance clothing.

It has been a process of learning but over the next week I will be talking with you more about how I have simplified my wardrobe. I think my wardrobe and my style will continue to evolve.

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