Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have NOTHING to wear!

I am 8ish months pregnant and I feel like I am in a clothing rut! It is making me crazy, I don't like anything that I have to wear because I can't think of any new or creative ways of wearing anything. I am feeling stuck and honestly a little bit frustrated because I don't want to buy new clothing... but I keep thinking in my head that I just need to suck it up and buy new maternity clothes. It was at that moment that I decided to look at this blog and I saw that Caitlin was doing a winter wardrobe remix! I love remixes, they make me think creatively and really stretch my wardrobe into some really fantastic ideas! Here is the scoop! You pick 21 articles of clothing (undergarments, pjs, tank tops, accessories, shoes, tights, and leggings don't count; I would never wear any of these things by them self outside of my home) and then proceed to make 30 outfits. I have a mix of casual and professional wear, since I am still working. Here are my pics/picks:
This is a large portion of my maternity clothes... I think there are only 2 more sweaters and approximately 5 tops that were not selected because of their lack of remixability.Not all of my items are posted because they are in the wash as I was taking photos and writing this. Dresses (2) Gray & Mint Sweater Dress, Navy Blue Ruffle Dress. Bottoms (6)f Jeans, White Jeans, Black Dress Pants, Navy Blue Corduroy Skinnies, Black Skirt, patterned black skirt. Tops(7) Gray Lace T-shirt, Green & White Ruffle Shirt, Black Lace 3/4 Sleeve Top, White Polka Dot Top,Black Empire Waist Tank Top, blue gingham, chambray button down. Sweaters (6) Black & White Cowl Sweater, Gold Cardigan, White Striped open front cardigan, red puffer vest, camel colored open cardigan, Black & Blue striped sweater. Not pictured: Jeans, Black Pants, Blue Gingham Shirt, Chambray Shirt,Black Skirt, Camel Colored Cardigan. Here is to my fashion adventure!


Ashley Brickner said...

Just found you, it can be frustrating finding clothes ... Especially in those later months!! I also worked and just stuck to dresses in bigger sizes & blazers!! Hope thus helps, congrats on your pregnancy!!

Mrs. Bookworm said...

Thank you Ashley for the congratulations and the advice. I do love a good blazer, I am thinking that I might need to find one or two more of these since they are so versatile and make everything look way more put together! I am excited to check out your blog. :)