Sunday, February 25, 2007

love for minnesota nice

So I'm thinking that we most definitely go the fourteen inches of snow that we were suppose today... In some spots as I was unearthing my car at 8:30 this morning so that I could go to work at 10:30 the snow was up to my knee... and as some people like to put it "i'm all leg".

But back to my story about Minnesota Nice. In my Esl & Culture class we have had a few discussions about whether or not Minnesota nice really exists or if it was a type of eliteness and condescension. But I would like to point out that there are still very nice people out there... I had gone outside this morning armed with a broom to try and get my car to a point were it can move... but i saw a man with a little kid out in his garage so i approached armed with my broom asking if i could borrow a shovel and he said yes. Then he asked me if I needed help... I gave kind of a non-committal grunt type of thing because he already was lending me a shovel but him and his kid followed me to my car that had its license plate visible so that i could at least identify my vehicle. The man continued to shovel while i swept off and deiced my car... The kid was impressed though when i threw the broom handle, that had become unscrewed, like a spear and it was sticking up in the snow...

I'm off to work today... have stuff I need to finish up there. But thank you too everyone out there who truly is Minnesota nice.

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Reener said...

I miss nice people. There's so few of them around here.

I miss you! Where should we all go this summer?