Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 29: Working Mama, Traveling Mama

Little Man and I are gone a lot between work and other obligations. So, I have become really good at packing a diaper bag for day long adventures. I thought I would share with you what I always keep in my diaper bag today.

Here is my diaper bag, though mine is in the print navy wave (which has been discontinued). I love the outside pockets and the fact that it has a zip top. 

I keep a flannel receiving blanket in there-- it does double duty if we are at restaurants or malls I use it on the changing tables. If we are going to a family members or friends we use it as a burp cloth. It one of those pregnancy brain induced purchases that was well worth the eight dollars a pack that I spent on them.

I have a pacifier and pacifier clip in my diaper bag. Little Man loves his pacis, they soothe him and they will be easier to take a way than his thumb. Though, some days he has an attitude about the clip and just wants his paci. So, I keep a munchkin paci & bottle wipes in the diaper bag. Eventually the paci ends up on the ground and this is really helpful to have.

I also have Boogie Wipes. My kid always seems to have a stuffed up nose, and theses seem to help get the boogies out and keep his nose from getting raw.

I always have a book or two in his diaper bag.

We have a couple of toys in there. Right now he is loving his cloth bunny rattle, his monkey toy, and his links. I try to switch the toys out every once in awhile. 

I of course have diapers and wipes. With one of cases of diapers we got a Diapees & Wipees diaper holder with a little plastic case for wipes. I love this thing! I can't fit as much in it now that he is in size 3 diapers, but when he was little I could fit diapers, wipes, Vaseline, and his little bottom lotion. The other nice thing about it is that when we are at grandma's house I can just grab that thing and away we go! This last time that I bought a case of wipes I got this little re-usable wipes travel case... and I love it! It is way better than the individual packs of travel diapers. We use Pampers diapers and Huggies natural care wipes. When it is necessary I throw in diaper cream or other necessaries.

Of course you will need baby food... as in substance for the little one.  Little Man is still drinking formula, though we are introducing pureed baby foods. What I have found that if we are going to be gone for a little while those teeny tiny rubbermaid plastic containers work great (I also use them form spice mixtures)! If I am going to be gone for say a whole day I will throw two of those in my bag and bring the big formula container, but leave it in the car. That sucker gets heavy toting it around the mall. I buy bottled water for Little Man, mainly because there usually isn't a drinking fountain close by when he wants to eat. For as much as we have to be out and about, I prefer to be home during our fruits/ veggie meal Little Man makes quite the mess and a good portion of the time it ends up in my hair. Not because he spits it out, but because he touches my face or hair while he is eating.

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