Thursday, January 16, 2014

Impending Mamahood

I really love blogging, because it provides me with an outlet where I can write about my thoughts and experiences. The problem that I have with blogging is the fact that sometimes i get this idea in my head that I need to have the perfect idea or I have to write about a certain thing and that is what weighs me down. I don't have time for perfection and I don't have time to worry about what other people will think about me, and yet I still do worry about those things. Mompetitions- while blogger doesn't recognize this word, it is very real and very much so a downer.... Mompetitions are when moms are competing with each other about a variety of things... like baby development/ milestones, or keeping house or any sort of thing that has to do with parenting. This pettiness is very destructive to the community of parenting which I feel should be very supportive and listening to tv shows, reading articles/ books, or even just listening on the radio you can tell that there is this spirit of competition which is not healthy and is not beneficial to anyone. I just hope that after baby comes The Doc and I continue to be relaxed about parent the babe. There are a lot of parents that say a lot of things before baby is even born, and then they quickly change their tune afterwards. We really have no expectations going into it, because 1) we don't really know what to expect and 2) we are really relaxed about a lot of stuff. Our biggest concern is making sure that our baby is healthy and happy, everything else will fall into place. One theme that I have noticed is that mom's who take care of themselves are heavily criticized... what I mean is mom's who take the time to do what they need to for themselves are criticized or are not seen as motherly. This bothers me because it gives the idea that the mom who is most likely taking care of everyone else's needs, is not important enough to get the same consideration. Like a partner/ spouse taking over baby duties so that they can shower, or run some errands, or just enjoy some peace for a few minutes. In my opinion this is very important because when my body and soul are fed I am much more able to care for and bless others. When I feel rested, I know that I am of a clear mind and am able to respond to different situations reasonably and think clearly. One example of how I have chosen to take care of myself during my pregnancy that doesn't have anything to do with nutrition or doctor's appointments is the fact that I have taken a lot of care with how I dress myself. While that may sound shallow, I knew that for my own well being I needed to feel put together. Has every outfit I have worn in the past 8ish months been stellar? no, but I know that I put my best foot forward and I took the time to purchase clothes that I enjoy wearing and that fit my lifestyle. As a teacher there is a dress code etc. This time though, has taught me a lot about proportions, dressing different body types, and the importance of having a remixable wardrobe. While I am not an expert by any means, I do think that this learning experience is important in defining my own style. As I grow into mamahood my ideas will probably change, and develop-- but I do think that it is important for me to take the time to be me and continue to grow as a person; so that when baby leaves the house I don't wonder who I am or who The Doc is anymore.

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