Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 3: Little by little

On my way home from work I was thinking about what I love about our bedroom... and though it has taken me a lot of time I really do have quite a few things that I love about our bedroom: I love the slanted ceiling in our bedroom, it gives it some unexpected character I love the nook that our very large closet created. I love the color combination of the jade-ish green walls, tan-ish carpet, and the bright white ceiling and trim. Even after are a year I still love our color choices for our room. It feels welcoming and very relaxing. I love our windows, they look like an older style even though they are brand new energy efficient windows. I love the space that we have in our room, I want to use it in a more efficient manner. These are things that I love about my house, but what do I want to change about our bedroom? I want to give it some personality or more likely our personality... it really is just bare minimum right now. The doc and I did put up a the beginnings of a gallery wall, we also have one decorative shelf that is up. Other than that the room doesn't seem to have a lot of personality. There is furniture that must be in the bedroom like our bed and our 3 dressers, but I keep feeling as if "zoning" it will help make it more multifunctional. When I am cruising the internet for inspiration I find that I truly do love the look of it, but I don't want our room to become a cluttered mess. We do need curtains and more lighting in our room. It gets very dark in there if it is cloudy or nighttime. It does not have an overhead light. After looking at my Pinterest Board I noticed a pattern of bright, airy, colorful things, that have a hint of luxury and island flavor. I feel like it is a weird mishmash of things and yet it seems to work together somehow. I really want a storage ottoman for our bedroom for all of our linens (not that we have very many, but they are unhelpful buried in our closet in behemoth plastic tubs). I also really like the idea of moving a small antique secretary desk into our bedroom to hold some stationary items etc. with corner shelves above it. Tonight will be spent tightening screws on our bedroom set that have seemed to come loose and clearing off the nightstands. I might even be able to convince my husband that we should move furniture. But, I won't necessarily hold my breath on that one. Maybe if we do just a little bit at a time the change won't seem as overwhelming. What do you love about your house? What do you see that needs to be changed so that it is more functional for your needs?

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