Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7: I would travel 100 miles..

Through this challenge of focusing on/ blogging about my house for 31 days I have noticed that there are a lot of things that my house has going for it... like a spacious master bedroom, bathroom, and living room and there other things the house does not having going for it like 2 small upstairs closets that are packed full of boxes from our year ago that are just waiting for a home so that they can be used and adored. The storage issue is easily taken care of. I bit the bullet yesterday and designed a shelving unit from IKEA. Now that we have all of the products actually at our house there are some fine tuning that needs to happen. It seems to happen to me a lot. I have all of these great ideas, and yet when it comes to fruition I need to re-evaluate how it is actually going to work out. I am excited though, because I feel like we are finally getting one step closer to having a home. Yesterday, my mom and I drove her truck to IKEA. When we go to IKEA it is usually an all day trip. I live approximately 100 miles from the nearest location... so we set off in the morning and made it home around dinner time. I think that IKEA has some brilliant ideas for storage and utilizing small spaces, that can be translated into smaller homes. I also don't think that you have to use just their products because you can use their concepts to adapt it more to your taste. Having everything in a very modern style doesn't really fit our house style or location. We are located in rural Midwest. I am excited to get started putting together the rest of our shelves. So, last night my mom, dad, the Doc and I carried in the IKEA haul and started putting together the shelves. I was on paper and Styrofoam control mostly last night, so at least that mess was cleaned up as we went along. I am off to put together shelves and see what we have going on for the day! I hope everyone is very productive today!

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