Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Is life really as easy as everyone says it is-- and we (a collective we) as humans have this tendency or an urge to make our own lives that much more of a hassle, when they really dont need to be a hassle? To be honest I think we do. I know in my own life I have a tendencies to make things into one huge complicating and confusing mess when it really should come down to-- is it right? Now just a second while I give the criteria for whether or not its right 1) Is it going to harm and indiviual or a group of people? 2) Does it coincide with your personal ethics and morals? 3) Is it legal? Those are the basics (there are probably more, but I couldn't think of any) Simplifying life is always good but for whatever reason it seems to get lost in the day to day grind. Another reason why I think we have hassled lives is the fact that we make our lives hassled because we (once again the collective we) feel as if it is necessary to run harried lives and to be perpetually busy which is "good" because I come from a generation of instant gratifiers and people with a 5 second attention span (I admit there are times when I am like this, but not everyone is like this)- there is this need to not only keep up with the joneses but also to surpass what they have which is what puts you in the middle of the rat race.

These are just some of my thoughts that I have had lately-- because I feel like I am complicating my life needlessly and that in the long run I am only going to end up getting hurt.

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