Friday, August 3, 2007

Life Changes Without Warning Once Again

So on Wednesday a major artery of Minnesota traffic collapsed without any sign except for the fact that it started swaying and then just fell. I'm sure everyone has heard by now, and for those wondering I did happen to venture into the cities that day, but I didn't venture to downtown Minneapolis. It has been said that anyone who travels to downtown has taken that bridge or essentially who travels to the twin cities has taken that bridge. It is a miracle that not very many people have passed away. Yesterday that I heard was 4 confirmed dead and only 10 missing. Don't get me wrong this is a tragedy but it could have been worse considering a major road collapsed during rush hour. I received calls from friends all over the country and from my current town that i live in-- making sure that i was OK, which i am. But once again as we were all content and thinking that life was going grandly something happened that shook our world and some leaders have handled with more grace and tact then other leaders *cough Pres. Bush cough*. My heart and prayers go out to those fellow Minnesotans that are trying to find their loved ones or are waiting to hear how they are doing in the hospitals that have been bombarded by the injured.

But this causes me to wonder about how these changes impact our lives. Whether they are huge changes or if they are smaller changes that dont happen on such a larger scale. An example of this would be one day during playground duty that i heard a student say; "you can be the step-dad" it is so sad that it has become such a norm to these early elementary kids. It demonstrates the demise of American family values and is a wonder that nobody can stay together anymore. I wonder as to what big change is to happen next when dealing with the cultural fabric of the United States.

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