Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frusturation With Academic Institutions

I am going to be honest, this morning as I am waiting for D2L to come back up so that I can finally take my final exam, i am wanting to express my frusturation with academic institutions. I guess these past four years of higher education has jaded me on the topic of how these places of learning should operate and how they do specifically opperate. One could potentially argue that a school is a business, which is true schools do possess a certain amount of fiscal responsiblity as well as making sure that you can provide a quality education for the students that attend said elementary, middle, or high school as well as community college, technical college and 4 year colleges/universities. if yo don't feel that as an educator your are either doing a quality job or if you dont see the value in providing quality education... then honey you are in the wrong industry because it is this mediocrcy that will in the long run get you in trouble and will cause you and the institiution that you represent to lose image points as well the trust from your students and those who are involved as well such as parents and gaurdians. While on such topics of education why is it so blooming expensive? why is it that along with everything going up the cost of higher education is skyrocketing out of control? this is not going to bode well for the future of our nation because so many people are choosing to not go to college because they cannot afford it or they do not want to go into that kind of debt.

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Reener said...

I completely agree with you.