Tuesday, March 19, 2013

30 x 30: Probably a Crazy Idea

So, my closet and I just aren't friends right now. I don't think it's anyone's fault really, but I'm not feeling inspired. The problem is that I feel like I constantly need to buy new clothing... which makes the Doc annoyed. The secondary problem to that is that I have all of this stuff to try and fit somewhere in my 2 dressers or my closet. Which creates major chaos and I still say that I can't find anything to wear. So, I am doing a clothing intervention for myself. I am going to pick 30 items of clothing from closet and I am going to wear only those 30 items of clothings for the next 30 days. Accessories such as jewelry, tank tops, socks, and tights are not included because they are necessary and could easily consume my 30 choices... and really a tank top and socks does not an outfit make. So, my thinking right now for this challenge: completers: brown blazer (it needs to be dry cleaned), emerald cardi, gold cardi, jean jacket, cream sweater. tops: black t-shirt, brown long sleeved shirt, black long sleeved shirt, red printed wrap shirt, pink and black zebra printed blouse, navy blue/ teal ikat shirt, polka dot top, emerald dress t-shirt, coral 3/4 sleeve top dress: navy blue printed dress bottoms: navy blue pants, black pants, gray pants, printed skirt, navy blue skirt, 2 pairs of jeans shoes: black suede slouch boots, nude colored flats, nude colored heels, leopard print wedges, cobalt blue flats so this puts me at 27 items. I still need 3 more items. I will ponder that for awhile. What clothing item could you not live without for 30 days?

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