Sunday, March 3, 2013


Today is the day we start putting up our paneling! Once our paneling is up we will be able to plumb in our washing machine (it is currently in our kitchen)and we will finally be able to to put up some shelves in our bathroom! I don't know about your house but here real estate (i.e. shelf space) is at a premium and we really just don't have enough of it. It we be so exciting to have a place for towels and the other miscellaneous bathroom stuff. The bedroom project has been put on hold, until the bathroom project is done. Yesterday, The Doc spent the afternoon looking for stud walls, which is a pain in of itself. The plastic has been laid on the living room floor so that as soon that we can start cutting as soon as we need to! I love being able to see progress in our house. I just need to remember that even if I don't see progress, if I keep chipping away at it will get done and be fabulous! What do you do for bathroom storage?

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