Saturday, January 10, 2015

Flaunt it Friday: A Remixable Wardrobe Experiment!

Sometimes we just need to put our wardrobes into perspective and look at what we do have and love opposed to what we don't have. I need clothes that are cute and easy to care for. Almost everything I own is machine washable. I only have a few items that are "dry clean only".

I was reading a blog post entitled How to Plan, Organize, and Shop for Your capsule Wardrobe, which helped me see capsule wardrobes differently. While a lot of capsule wardrobes focus on having these particular clothes-- the emphasis in this particular post was to have appropriate clothes that fit your lifestyle.
Not every wardrobe is going to be the exact same. Example,  if you work as a personal trainer you will have way more workout apparel than someone who spends the majority of their time at work in an office.We have huge temperature fluctuation throughout the year and so I will need to have some pieces that are specific to that period of time. Winter coats, hat, scarf, and gloves, shorts etc are all part of a four season wardrobe.

Following this model, for 5 capsule wardrobes one would need 5 completer pieces (blazers, cardigans, vests, denim jacket etc)
15 tops,  10 bottoms, 5 pairs of shoes, 5 bags, and approximately 15 different accessories.

Completer pieces: denim jacket, red vest, teal vest, turquoise vest, black blazer, brown blazer, blue and white striped blazer, gold cardigan, teal cardigan, black & white cardigan, teal cardigan, brown sweater, emerald cardigan

Tops: red wrap top, gray sequin sweater, black T-shirt (2), gray T-shirt, gray Aztec print T-shirt, concert t shirt, white top, leopard print top, graphic sweater, tan polka dot tie blouse, chambray shirt, black long sleeve tee, navy and cream blouse,

Bottoms: black maxi skirt, black pants (2), gray patterned pants, dark gray pants, dark wash jeans (2),  black pencil skirt, khaki colored dress pants

I also have 3 dresses that are black and white. They are not the same style.

I will be using these piece to make outfits to provide some encouragement and to give me a reason to practice remixing my wardrobe... Fridays (or Saturdays) depending upon how the days goes will be for Fashion... I will be starting a new series called Fashion Fridays. I will post some pics and talk about what has gone really great and what has gone terribly terribly wrong. I hope that you will join me as I figure out a hot mama wardrobe!
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