Monday, February 17, 2014

Waiting for Baby

The weather is crappy here and the baby hasn't decided to make its' entrance, so I am going to work on some different projects. Today is the day for laundry, cleaning the fridge, dishes (there are only a few), and vacuuming the upstairs mainly the hallway, nursery, and the bedroom. I also have a few boxes that I want to sort through today. I am feeling motivated today, who knows how long that will last so I should probably get started... With all of the preparation for baby, I have also started thinking about what to wear for when I return to work. I had done some research, but everyone was suggesting leggings and t-shirts and very casual clothing which is fine when I am at home. Yet, it does not jive with the professional vibe that needs to be happening with at work. One of the blogs I read One Little Momma is participating in a panel of bloggers who are fielding questions from readers. My question was selected and I think that their responses were super helpful! I am excited to see if there are any responses from readers with ideas in response to my question. So here is this months Must Ask Mama series. One aspect of pregnancy that I have disagreed with the entire time is that you get to the point where you just wear whatever... I didn't want to do that my entire pregnancy, because I do believe that while what you wear is not the end all, be all of pregnancy it is good for your piece of mind to feel as put together and pretty as you can. Being intentional about what I have chosen to wear has given me a little bit of confidence during a time that has had lots of changes going on all at once. Happy Monday everyone!

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