Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fancy Smancy Shopping

Everyone has hobbies at least I hope they have hobbies. Some people like movies, some like books (i like books... i bought a new book today), some like music and some like video games. These hobbies can all be expensive and time consuming depending upon how you plan to use them. I like almost everything except for the fact that i lack Hand-eye coordination to enjoy video games--- Im rambling.

One of my favorite hobbies is shopping and today allie and I did fancy smancy shopping in the city which was quite wonderful. It was fun to see all of the pretty clothes and the shoes and handbags... oh so many designers. I got a pair of glasses that are readers but im going to have my eye doctor put my prescription into them... they are red, but they are totally cool. But hanging out with allie was fun, listening to music in the car was fun, as was eating doughnuts and drinking hot chocolate from the convience store.... the outlet mall we stopped at on the way there was excellent as well.

Another hobby I have is my love of board games. apples to apples is amazing (and i rock), monopoly is good, life is excellent, and one of my faves is risk... i have always liked the game. But ever since coming to my current university i have become better and better at it. Some day I truly will kick butt at it, but for now I dont because I keep falling asleep because of the time that we start playing at.

I dont really have anything else to say right now. Im exhausted though. It was all of the driving I think.

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