Thursday, April 3, 2014

7x7 Remix- Season Transitions

Today I am officially one month postpartum and am now feeling ambitious enough to leave our house. I have had some really successful runs with LM and now I am ready to do more... but the lingering question is "What do I wear?" Realistically I knew that I wasn't going to be able to fit back into all of my pre-pregnancy clothing, but I was seriously hoping that I would be a miracle case and ta-da I can wear all of my clothes again. Not the case, I am still wearing my maternity clothing but I need to rethink my outfits. When Natalia from Ma  Nouvelle Mode announced that she was hosting a 7x7 outfit remix with Cyndi from Walking in Grace & Beauty... I was excited because it is just the thing that I need to reset how I think about the closet.

I chose very basic pieces to remix so that I can flex my muscles with remixing. I have only worn a couple of these outfits, in the interest of full disclosure the weather has been dismal and I haven't wanted to take LM out and about. These outfit choices are great options for the changing seasons, since we are in a warning for 7-12 inches of snow. Spring isn't in our forecast for awhile unfortunately.

I chose the following pieces: A short sleeve ruffle front navy blue dress, a camel open front long sleeved cardigan, a black tank top, dark wash jeans, a multi-colored animal print inspired top, a chambray top, a black skirt, and black skinny pants. Here are the outfits!

This outfit is just a cardigan and a dress until I had layers and a little bit of interest to it. The scarf is from Target a couple of years ago and is a brightly colored Aztec print. It is really warm and one of my favorite scarves. It is hard to tell, but I added a skinny gold belt and bright blue tights. The tights were something that I had never tried before but I really wanted to try them. I found a couple of pairs for 1.50 each. I figured for that price it would be worth trying the trend. I love it! I also have a pair of burgundy and purple tights to dry with something else. 

 This outfit is nothing fancy. I was just trying to get out of the door. I also was wearing gray leggings, because it was cold outside and tights seemed very difficult since we were trying to get out the door in a timely fashion. It works, but it isn't fantastic by any means.
 Jeans and a top. Nothing earth shattering here, but I honestly don't think that I have ever worn this top with just jeans. I think I have always worn it with my black skinny pants or with black dress pants. I think that this would be fun with a cardigan in a solid color and a few bangles.
 camel cardigan, black tank top, and jeans... with a scarf. I was on pinterest and saw a picture about how to quickly change your regular scarf into an infinity scarf and let me tell you, I am OBSESSED. It seems really odd but it totally adds more versatility to my outfits, because on their own-- they aren't super exciting.
This outfit I'm super excited to try. I found the inspiration for this on pinterest... and I think it would be fun to wear with burgundy tights and my leopard print wedges or even my black suede maryjanes. I'm not quite up to wearing 3" wedges quite yet. Especially not with all of the slop on the ground.
 I know that there at tons of people out there would question wearing camel and black together, but for whatever reason it just seems right to me... though, in all honesty this doesn't seem like a brown to me. Pre-pregnancy I wore black and camel together a lot because the colors were close to the colors in the aforementioned leopard wedges.
Chambray shirt, black tank top, and black skinny jeans. It is another great basic outfit. Comfortable and easy to move in. It is also easy to give more personality with jewelry, scarves, and shoes. These things can completely revolutionize an outfit even though I have not been very good at wearing them of late. I really just need to get better about planning ahead with little man.

I have to relearn dressing myself, because I don't have the same body that I did pre-pregnancy, but I am okay with that. The basics are the same I just need to find the right silhouette and probably pants for me and my new lifestyle of chasing little man around (he is still really easy to catch ;)

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