Thursday, February 18, 2010

243 books to go!!!

WOOHOO! I just finished reading The Giver which means I have successfully completed a book. I really enjoyed it, and was glad that it was on my list.

It was a story about Jonas becoming an adult and having to make some very important choices. He is chosen to be the receiver of memories. It is this assignment within his community, that brings about change. When he receives his assignment or his job as an adult there are a list of rules for him to follow. There are two rules about his job that take him by suprise. One rule is that it is ok if he is rude, and the second rule is that it is ok for him to lie. It is this second rule that takes him by suprise and catapaults him into adulthood, because he realize that everything he thought was true, isn't and there are new realities that he has to face. This is a very big part of becoming an adult. Your faith in humanity is shaken and there are new realities that you have to face. This is true for everyone, even for me... at 24 I am having to rearrange what I believed to be reality. Especially, after the death of two of my grandparents. It is a very tough reality for me to face some days, but overall everyday gets a little better.

I did find the books use of color fascinating... I am not going to say anymore because you should read the book.

I think the next book I am going to tackle is The Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath

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