Saturday, June 15, 2013

7x7 in Arizona

I have been on a decluttering kick lately. This project mostly has had to do with my possessions, my "stuff" if you will. Some days it goes better than others. Even though my focus has been on my stuff, my attention has been slowly turning towards my closet in the fact that our bedroom closet is packed full of our clothes, boxes from our move , and quite honestly who knows what else. When I saw the 7x7 Challenge on Audrey's blog (I read it at least 3 times a week) over at I was excited to participate because it was an opportunity to flex my creativity is a much shorter time frame and quickly see how I could rework my closet. For those of you who don't know what a 7x7 Challenge is-- you pick 7 articles of clothing including shoes from your closet, and then you make 7 outfits only using those articles of clothing... accessories such as belts, scarves, and jewelry are completely separate. It is similar to a 30x30 that are much shorter. I am going to be going to Arizona to celebrate my great aunt's birthday! We are going to be gone 4 days and 5 nights, which makes it the perfect amount of time for a 7x7 challenge. Since there is dinner, hanging out with family, the birthday luncheon, and church not to mention any other impromtu activity in addition to temps that are 100+ degrees. 1)coral pink cowl neck sleeveless blouse 2)plumish ruffle collar sleeveless blouse 3)teal fly away cardigan 4) pink and yellow v-neck tee 5) grey shorts 6)navy blue skirt with a side ruffle 7) shoes--I have to purchase a pair of sandals for Arizona. My sandals have to much metal on them for Arizona. I am going to buy a neutral pair of sandals for this trip.
Outfits 1-7: So I have tried this experiment a couple of different times and the outfits just felt wrong... until today I made some changes and one of m good friends came over to take pictures so I could bounce ideas off of her. So here it goes, my new outfits for Arizona! Outfit 1 I am excited about this outfit! I can wear this when we go out to dinner with the family on Friday night.
Outfit 2
Outfit3 I think this going to be my outfit for the flight home. My arms are always freezing on the airplanes, and I think we even have a layover somewhere.
Outfit 4
Outfit 5
Outfit 6 On Saturday there is a luncheon to celebrate my aunt's birthday. I believe that this will my outfit for that.
Outfit 7 We are going to church with my aunt, and then there will be punch and cake celebration afterwards. I think that this will be my outfit for that. At my church we are a little bit more casual, but when you are unsure of how dressy a place is, you can't go wrong with being a little bit fancier.
As you probably saw in some of the pictures that my legs kind of blend in with my shorts, usually this isn't a problem but there hasn't been much for sun here. What I learned from this experience is that it is good to have a completer piece. I just had t-shirts or blouses before and I felt like my outfits were really boring and didn't have a lot of interest. I kept changing my mind about my what bottoms I should bring, because I wasn't totally sure what I would want to wear, but I feel like a skirt and a pair of shorts will pretty much cover an occasion that could arise. I did sneak in a black tank top for the sake of modesty though :)When I did this challenge I picked colors that I most commonly wear, which are navy blue, coral, teal, and black. I was able to make things a little bit more exciting by adding different jewelry. I felt like I had much more variety the second time around. I just need to throw in my purple ombre scarf, my 7 pieces, accessories,pajamas and a swimsuit and I am set for the adventure! THanks for stopping by! What was your favorite look?

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