Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So The Packing Continues

I know that to be able to go anywhere out of town it is imperative that you pack. I personally hate packing, I find it tedious, frusturating and it is necessary to make a lot of decisions.... and this is just for going somewhere in Minnesota or maybe on vacation... but packing for South Korea is way more stressful.

The packing that I have done is minimal, but at least its a start!

I have my movies packed to bring to my parents house, and I have sorted through my clean clothes about what is going to be going with me, and what will be staying at my parents house, and what should be gotten rid of!!! Thats something right? For me, getting rid of things is really hard, I am definitely a pack rat and am not looking forward to going through my stuff at my parents houseto decide what needs to be boxed, thrown, or donated... :-(
This is almost 23 years worth of stuff... OH MYGOODNESS!!! After getting my laundry done, its going to be time to go through that stuff as well, and decide where my clothing's fate is...

What makes it so difficult to get rid of things are all of the memories connected to things... An example of this is my khaki mini skirt... its not overly scandalous just shorter than what I would normally wear. But I bought my freshmen year of college while shopping in sioux falls with two of my best friends because i needed to be more adventurous... I have worn it my first couple of times out to house parties at my current university, and I wore before I spilled ice cream all over on my "first date" with my boyfriend (who is very relax about my klutziness, and is absolutely amazing). So its really hard to get rid of-- I know its just a skirt, but its my "just a skirt".

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