Friday, April 18, 2008

Preparing To Move

Greetings All--

So its quite possible that some of you have heard rumours that I am moving overseas or at least contemplating moving overseas. Depending upon what you heard you are probably mostly right.
I am in the process of moving to South Korea and my flight will be moving in less than a month. I have accepted a position teaching English at a Language Institute. I have mixed feelings about it... I am really excited about it-- it is definitely an experience of a lifetime, but I have never been this far from home before and have never had to pack up everything to move half way around the world. I will meet new friends, familarize myself with a new neighborhood, and learn more about myself and my culture but I will still miss my family and friends here in the United States. But alas I need to make a packing plan and all of that fun stuff and start trying to get all of the documentation I could every possibly need. :-)

That's all I have for now!
Miss Bookworm

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