Thursday, June 7, 2007


California was amazing! I had a blast and I feel re energized, though I do not feel well rested. It was pretty much going non-stop for 5 days! It was great to see people, it was great to spend time with my wonderful hostess, and it was a great adventure!! I have decided that I love California... the bay area is great! Although the real estate value is atrocious if you want to purchase. I went to San Francisco with two of my closest friends and it was great fun. Granted I did a lot of the touristy things there I don't think I would mind living there, but that would require another visit to the city, more substantial time spent out there, and a job offer later on. Though my wonderful hostess and her father was trying to convince me to move out to California... I do believe that it is "the land of fruits and nuts" ;-) Here is a list of things that I saw in SF on my one day whirlwind tour: Lombard Street, Pier 39, Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Botantical Gardens, the Japanese Tea Gardens (which is totally worth the 4 dollar admissions), the exploratorium which was really cool! but that place is huge, and trying to see all of it in one day is extremely overwhelming, the ocean!!! The ocean was amazing even though it was freezing... I have some great shots, and I have some really cool shells and some pieces of a sand dollar, some day I will get a whole one. We drove across the golden gate bridge, stopped at vista and took pictues, drove through Saucilido (sp?), drove by san quentin and that sums up my visit to San Francisco... Eating half a bag of salt water taffy is a Very Very bad idea!!!!!

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Reener said...

Sounds like an awesome trip. :)

And bento is a Japanese form of making cute style foods in a bento container.