Monday, April 2, 2007

First Post of April

sorry to those of you who read for not posting in awhile! I keep thinking of things that I should post about and yet there are not enough hours in the day to post and get everything that I have to accomplished. I wish that it wasnt that difficult. My spring break was fabulous but trying to get back into the swing of things has been really difficult because I have had a severe case of senioritis kick in and its not good! We have about four weeks of school left and I have more work to finish than there are weeks left of school! One of these such projects being two research projects, a movie that I have to make with a group, my student teaching application which includes a resume and an autobiographical essay... and other little projects while trying to study ahead because the week before finals im going to my brothers graduation... hopefully that doesnt kick my butt! and then later that month im going to the west coast for a dear friends wedding. Meanwhile I have to try and keep my head above water. Which can be incredibly difficult because I dont really feel like doing anything. Though I might go to a baseball game this wednesday because we are getting a day off for some sort of faculty thing... which would be cool because i could get all of my homework done tuesday and wednesday during the day.. but if i dont get everything done I dont think i can make it to game. I really hate my classes right now. I really dont want to be in school right now!

Here is a list of places i would rather be:

the cabin
my parents house
Somewhere warm!!!!

Peace Out!!!

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