Wednesday, September 10, 2008

goes Political?

So I can't really hide from it anymore. It is an election year back home, at least Im not inundated with commericals and radio advertisements. They really annoy me and I find myself changing them faster than you can say: "SALE!". But being the responsible citizen that I am sent in my request for an absentee ballot this year, we'll see if it actually shows up.

Since I am such a responsible citizen I have been researching the candidates a little bit, and will probably be researching more as it gets closer. Which means reading the candidates websites, and reading news sites, and articles about them... trying to get as much information to get a picture that is less baised. I realize that this is politics that we are talking about is next to impossible to get unbaised information.

Senator Obama's slogan of "Yes we can!" is catchy and gives voice to the desire for change in the United States, we are a bit of a mess as a country, but I don't think that Washington really is the place to start change. It always seems to fall through or be pushed aside for a more urgent agenda. Personally, I believe that the change that we desire to see should start as a grassroots movement, there is power in the masses, but it seems that everyone desires change is not enough to actually get them moving. They want someone else to take care of the problem, which landed us where we are now in some of the situations.

I know that are important to me right now, I realize that what I think is important will probably change in the next four years, but I don't really know what they would be so we will deal with them the next election.

Though I'm optomistic, I am not convinced that I won't be screwed over as an unmarried twentysomething, reccent college graduate that happens to be a teacher, no matter who is elected.

So the issues that I am most concerned about (They are not in any particular order):
Making higher education affordable
Reforming our current education system for grammar schools through secondary education
Conservation of resources
Alternative Energy Sources
Human Rights
Protecting the country's Constitution

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