Sunday, December 31, 2006

The End of 2006

Today is the last day of 2006, which is both good and bad. It most definitely has been an interesting year. Its a time to reflect upon what you learned this past year, but also to dream about what is to come in 2oo7. This year I have learned to appreciate the small things like health; this year my health was sabatoged by getting a severe sinus infection, bronchitis, and mono, and we are closing it out with the flu. I also have come to appreciate friends and family that have repeatedly demonstrated the fact that they are trustworthy, and offer as much support as is humanly possible. It has been a good year overall and I am looking forward to 2007 and what is suppose to come. I wish all you a wonderful New Years-- be safe and enjoy the night! Sit back and enoy the ride that is to be 2007.

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Witty said...

Best wishes for the new year. Can't wait to see you when I'm back in St. Cloud. You should visit me in the door sometime, I'll make you a fabulous (microwavable) dinner. Don't work too hard.